The unreleased BMW M5 E34 Convertible

M5 Convertible

Back in the E34 era, BMW had plans to build the convertible version of the popular M5 model.  Engineers from Motorsport had indeed developed such a vehicle, with two lengthened front doors and four seats, which was very close to production.

All the preparations were made: the price was set at 50,000 GBP and there was even a space booked for the Geneva motor show. Unfortunately, one week before its expected debut, BMW backed out. Why? Because they believed its release would have increased the demand for non-M5 Series convertibles, making the 3 Series sales.

The crew at released some photos of what the E34 M5 Convertible might have looked like, had it gone into production ( PS: The ZS stands for BMW Individual ).

M5 Convertible M5 Convertible


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