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BMW M3 downshift problem

BMW M3 downshift problem
Apparently, 2500 BMW M3 had a few problems with the double clutch gearbox. It only happens on the 2008 and 2009 M3 model and only if it has the DCT double clutch transmission.

It seems that the problem appears on the downshift and BMW has developed a solution. If you don’t know if your car has the problem, you should call BMW customer support. In most cases, the glitch appears by triggering a multi-stage downshift. In some cases, this will cause the engine to stall, which is the last thing you want in any scenario. BMW will solve the problem free of charge with updated software.

You can solve your M3 downshift problem by ing a BMW dealership. Most dealers know exactly how to do it and it will be totally free of charge.


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  1. I’ve got X3 2008… new car ..Auto transmission..

    I”ve got downshifting problem..specially going up the hills.

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