BMW M3 E46 Coupe

BMW M3 E46 Coupe
And continuing with the M3 Series, the next car I would like to talk about is the BMW M3 E46 Coupe. The extremely sharp and capable sports car – BMW M3 E46 Convertible – has 343 horsepower to the rear wheals, 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a six-speed transmission.

BMW managed to keep the first-class chassis dynamics and engine performance and in top of that adding some other amazing details. For example, the top is very quick down, at the touch of a button, without any manual work necessary. The suspension is also very comfortable and the space inside the car is more than enough for four people.

The BMW M3 E46 Coupe is a great, safe car on the back roads or the everyday traffic – it has great reflexes, excellent brakes and an optional automatically-controlled gearbox.
As for the interior design, the leather covers both the firm and comfortable front seats and the specious rear bench.


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  1. Hi! What the body kit brand you have on your BMW M3 and what is the brand of your rims? Please get back at me asap. Thank you.

  2. The above car is actually a 325ci. It is heavily modified which makes it looks similar to the M3. The wheels are 20inch LS-5’s which can be found at Expect to pay between $4-5k.

    The body work is all custom, displaying the owner’s creativeness.

  3. I love this car because it is so BOND looking.

  4. I want to buy it, and I think I will have the BMW M3 E46 Coupe after I graduate school, next year.

  5. If I were 2 choose between a halle berry and BMW M3 E46 CSL. sorry halle! CSL is the dream worth to sacrifice for!

  6. I love this car, really beautiful and well done.

  7. Royston Gibbs says:

    This BMW M3 is pure class, a credit to its owner, the ultimate driving machine.

  8. Where did you prchase that hood? I would really like to put that on my BMW.

  9. I am in love… I love these cars after riding it so I wanna get it!

  10. Beautiful car! I also have a 325ci 2004, I have all the m3 body on it but how did you get your head lights to point down instead of up?

  11. Nothing compares to this BMW M3 E46 Coupe. I am so loving it…

  12. Galvin Reddy says:

    The BMW M3 E46 is an epic car, it is the head in its class. Please tell me where to get those magwheels, the side skerts, also give me with full details of the size of rims and tyres back and front. One more thing, which is the price of the rims?