BMW 3-Series

Art Cars – BMW 3.0 CSL


The first in introducing the concept of Art Cars was Herve Poulain, a racing driver and auctioneer from France, passionate about the BMW’s and cars in general.

Considering the fact that he loved cars and art in equal percentage, he decided to try and merge those two together. His friend, the renowned artist Alexander Calder, offered to help by painting one of Poulain’s racing cars – his BMW 3.0 CSL – which he planned on driving soon at the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Thinking about this project as the challenge any artist is expecting, Alexander Calder -which was also and engineer and sculptor – applied powerful colors and wonderful details on wings, hood and roof.

Because the response was so great, BMW decided to put this brilliant idea in practice and came up with the Art Car Collection.


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