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BMW E1 Concept car

BMW E1 Concept

As you can see from the aspect, it’s a perfect city car. With these big windows you can see from your BMW E1 anything and you can also enjoy more of the sun light. From the below picture you can see that is an electric car so you can’t use it on long distances because it is possible to run out of electricity.

The aluminium and plastic parts of the BMW E1 and also the small size makes this car to be very agile in city. You can also park this car into tight places. Some people say it looks like ford fiesta so I compared the two cars and the result was that the cars are very similar.

I really don’t like this BMW E1 concept because I like to have a car that can go around the country and also all over the world. Also, this car looks very feminine due to small apperance. For a moment, this car remains just a concept but if it will be sold, we will talk more about it in the future.

BMW E1 ConceptBMW E1 ConceptBMW E1 Concept


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  1. It’s a good Idea for bmw to make a nice cheap car for city use. but would like to be fitted with nice bmw engine.

  2. I love it we need to get away from imported gas it is killing our Economy and not good for breathing either gasoline that is.

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