BMW R1000RS rendered by Oberdan Rezzi

Here we have to talk about a motorcycle from BMW and I have to say that this happened after a very long time also taking in consideration that now the BMW X5 facelift photos have been posted on the internet. I usually talk about cars so I might not have too many things to say about this motorcycle because in most cases, all motorcycles are looking almost the same for me.

If I try to remember the look of the BMW S1000RR I can’t do it in totally but if I look now at this BMW S1000RS renderings I could say that it looks almost the same as the BMW S1000RS.

Anyway, I must tell you that this is just a rendering photo and you should not expect this motorcycle to be launched yet because there is nothing sure on the internet that may say this, I think you should wait a little months for other news about it.


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