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BMW S1000RR pulling the tablecloth

Here is another cool video from BMW that I am going to talk about and I hope you also like this video as much as I do. I like the fact that it is made with that “BMW smell” or probably because of the professionalism that they proved by making this cool video.

Anyway, in this video, the professionalism is not the single thing that they are proving, they also prove the performances of BMW S1000RR. I mean think about it, how cool can be the sprint of this motorcycle from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds? This video really shows us that acceleration.

You should know that those performances are not the only things making this motorcycle so powerful and also so fast. This BMW S1000RR is also able to develop up to 193 horsepower and for such a small vehicle, it is a lot of power.


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