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First sketch with the BMW MegaCity expected for 2013

BMW released the first sketch of the compact electric model that will result from the Megacity project. Expected in 2013, the model will adopt an electric engine on the rear axle. About the BMW Megacity project has been written alot but no one was able to pinpoint the design direction that will take the Bavarians for the small electric models. Today, the Munich manufacturer has decided to give media and fans a first idea of how the new Megacity will look like, the compact electric expected to begin on the streets in 2013.

BMW MegaCity Sketch

The sketch published by the Germans is only a teaser announcing the radical ecological lines of the model. The image betrays the shape of a small van with a body line that betrays sports accents.

For now, the Bavarians were quite greedy in detail, the only information announcing a four-seater model powered by an electric engine positioned on the rear axle, like the current Smart Electric Drive. To enhance the efficiency and the performance, BMW Megacity will use carbon fiber to reduce the total mass.


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