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ArmorTech tuners created BMW X6 Coupe

Russian tuners from ArmorTech give us a idea of how a BMW X6 will look if it would have just two doors. Yes, we are talking about a Coupe version of the Bavarian SAV. As a BMW fan, you may thought how a BMW X6 Coupe may look. Here is the answer, a professional one, an answer that came from specialist tuners. ArmorTech transformed BMW X6 intro a SAV Coupe, by removing the rear doors.

BMW X6 Coupe by ArmorTech

People from ArmorTech aren’t the only Russian tuners that modified the Bavarian model. After Met-R tuner showed us the BMW X6 Interceptor, people at ArmorTech fulfilled the dream of those who really wanted a true Coupe SUV. This is achieved of course by eliminating the X6’s rear doors.

BMW X6 Coupe by ArmorTech

The people ho thinks that this a minor operation, they are wrong, because ArmorTech has had a difficult task. Thus, the central pillar was moved back by 250 mm, which meant small alterations or structural reinforcements. Also, the third side window was amended, now it is 200 mm longer.

BMW X6 Coupe by ArmorTech


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