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The 2011 BMW 535i Put on the Dyno

It is a good thing that BMW has begun to take it’s models for dyno tests in order to clearly know how they stand in terms of power. But because of the fact that they have limitations by the car manufacturer, more people are wanting to know the real potential of their vehicles, and this is the case of the 2011 BMW 535i that went on the dyno at MD Automotive Dynojet.

2011 BMW 535i on the Dyno

2011 BMW 535i on the Dyno

Featuring a new 3-litre V6 engine with Valvetronic technology and direct injection, together with a eight speed auto gearbox, the 2011 BMW 535i is said (by BMW itself) to be sporting 300 hp and 300 lb/ft of torque.

2011 BMW 535i Dyno

2011 BMW 535i Dyno

Well, it seems that the dyno results are in and they look a bit surpsising, as the 2011 BMW 535i only got 277 hp and 283 lb/ft of torque. But this could be attributed to the losses because of the drivetrain, so when one would think about it, the numbers which BMW gave aren’t really that far fetched.

We’re looking forward to the next BMW models on the dyno and here’s a video of the dyno run.

BMW 535i Dyno Run


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  1. 277 at the REAR wheels = 318 at the motor.

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