First details on BMW and GM possible partnership for developing new engines

We recently talked about the partnership between BMW and Saab. Through this partnership, BMW will supply engines for the next-generation 9-3 model from Saab. However, if in the case told above, there was about a partnership that means engine supplying, this time, it seems that the German manufacturer BMW together with the Americans from GM are planning to work together to give birth to new engines.



For now, there are not certain details on this partnership, the only proof of this deal is provided by a statement made by a GM spokesman. He said that the two companies are planning to develop together new engines. Logically, this possible partnership will reduce the costs of developing the engines, which is a constructive way to think.

The same American spokesman, qutoed by the German publication Handelsblatt, said that for now there is nothing certain between the two manufacturers as there isn’t any progress made in this regard. The Germans at BMW decided to made no statements for now.


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