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VIDEO: BMW’s xDrive vs. Audi’s Quattro – who wins?

According to the video below, it seems that the xDrive system developed by BMW takes the lead compared to the Quattro system of the Germans at Audi. Even we are talking on a dedicated BMW blog, we can’t judge too rough based just on what we see as the driving conditions are wide and every traction system excels in one or more chapters.

xDrive vs Quattro

xDrive vs Quattro

This time, BMW proved that it’s xDrive system managed to provide better results than the Audi’s one. In this test, a BMW X3 model was tested together with an Audi Q5, both models benefiting of course from the traction systems told above.

While the Audi Q5 was struggling to pass the most critical point of the test, the BMW X3 managed to complete the test showing a way better performance and overall succeeding to finish the test, a fact that the Audi Q5 was unable to do. Here is the video:


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