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2013 BMW X5 F40 to adopt a new aluminum chassis

The future generation of the BMW X5 SAV, expected to debut somewhere in 2013 and known as F40 inside the German company might adopt a new lightweight chassis, an aluminum one, instead the steel one that is used for the German SUV now. The third generation of the BMW X5 is likely to introduce a new chassis, able to reduce of course, the mass of the model but also to not forget the consequences of this change, that is the higher power-to-weight ratio and the improved fuel consumption.

2011 BMW X5

2011 BMW X5

Even the second generation of the German SAV was released recently, the Bavarians from BMW made room for some rumors according to, the third generation of the model will bring significant changes generating significant effects.

The BMW X5 F40 will likely share the new aluminum chassis with the other models in the range, the Bavarians claiming that rigidity of the structure will be not affected.


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