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BMWNA teams up with NVIDIA to give you a better view

BMW officially decided to make an agreement with the people from NVIDIA under the motto “Visual Computing and the Ultimate Driving Machine” in order to improve the navigation system which will be found on all the incoming German models. NVIDIA’s GPUs will provide a better display for the in-car navigation systems featuring a hi-res 1280 x 600 display. In the official statement BMW announced that all the new incoming models will benefit from the new systems, from Mini Cooper to the 7 Series, as they said.



The announcement has been made at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show a couple of days ago, the Germans announcing that the new infotainment system will be officially revealed in a 5 Series prototype in the following days at the same 2011 CES event.

The new Rolls Royce models will benefit from the new NVIDIA iDrive in-car navigation systems too. NVIDIA also announced that the Tegra infotainment system will be fitted on the forthcoming Tesla S electric model.


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