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BMW Group reports sales record for Rolls-Royce sub-brand

Good news for the BMW Group in 2010 when they set a new record in terms of sales, this time in the lead role being the British sub-brand Rolls-Royce. Actually, there is a whopping increase compared to the previous year, the British from Rolls-Royce managing to sell 2,711 units in 2010.

Rolls-Royce plant

Rolls-Royce plant

The British manufacturer which is part of BMW Group managed to boost the sales in 2010 thanks to the new Ghost model, a model which delivers enough power at an affordable price compared to the other models in range. Rolls-Royce also defeated Bentley in UK, selling 1,049, an increase of 16% compared to 2009. However, the most important market for the British manufacturer remained US followed by China.

According to Andrew Ball, Rolls-Royce spokesman cited by Bloomberg, the all-time record of the British manufacturer has been set in 1978 when they managed to sell about 3,400 units but last year represents a record for Rolls-Royce since the Germans took the leadership of the British company.


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