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VIDEO: Oliver Heilmer explains the interior of the new BMW 5 Series F10

BMWUSA released a new video starring the new generation BMW 5 Series but also its interior designer Oliver Heilmer, the man who thought the interior appearance of the model in question. More exactly, we talk about the interior design of the new 5 Series F10 which is influenced by the movement but also his passion for vintage watches could have been influenced the cabin.

BMW 5 Series interior

BMW 5 Series interior

Oliver Heilmer claims that the new 5 Series wants to be both an elegant and business sedan but also a sporty model that inspires aggressiveness.

The BMW designed explains that few components such as the center console were very challenging requiring a big amount of time to achieve the perfect result. He also tells us how important are the lighting and proportions in designing a model but also using curved lines will get a better look.

BMW 5 Series interior

BMW 5 Series interior

If you want to find more about how the interior of the current BMW 5 Series generation is made, be sure to check the following video recently released by BMWUSA.


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