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BMW completely unsatisfied about the U.S. sales of the 5 Series Gran Turismo

As you probably know, especially if you are an American customer, BMW quitted offering a wagon version of 5 Series in the States and came with the Gran Turismo variant, a model which should have been successfully replace the more familiar wagon version. Unfortunately for the Bavarians, the 5 Series GT registered extremely poor sales, BMW North America CEO, Jim O’Donnell, sharing the same opinion with us.

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

According to O’Donnell, they thought that the new GT will attract the U.S. customers waiting for the wagon variant and determine them to get the hatchback model. Instead, this not happened and the customers turned their attention to the similar models in the range of German rivals.

Therefore, BMW managed to sell only 2,848 units in 2010 while the initial plans were to manufacture at least 4,000 units a year for the American market. Moreover, the poor sales continued this year too, only 720 units being sold since the start of 2011, making the initial annual target just a bold assumption. When BMW announced that the 5 Series wagon will not be available in the U.S., a lot of fans showed their disappointment and asked BMW to think again on this.

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

Of course, after O’Donnell claimed that he is truly disappointed of the 5 Series GT’s sales, the first question being if this situation will determine BMW to bring back the much loved wagon version to the United States. He claimed that BMW has no plans to introduce a wagon version of the current 5 Series generation but there are big chances to prepare a comeback when the new generation arrives.

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

With no hope to see the current BMW 5 Series wagon coming to the States, let’s review the main features of the Gran Turismo variant. As you already know, the main setback of the current BMW 5 Series GT is the rear end which transforms the model into a tall hatchback that did not managed to impress the customers.

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

2011 BMW 5 Series GT (F07)

Under the bonnet, BMW 535i GT features a 300-horsepower engine, all the power being sent to the rear wheels. This version is priced at $56,875 while for extra $10,000 you get the 550i xDrive GT with 400 horses under the hood and the all-wheel drive system. The official debut of the 5 Series GT took place at the Frankfurt Auto Show in December 2009, and mainly in the U.S., the former 7 Series owners were attracted by the 5 Series GT, not exactly as the Bavarians hoped, indeed.


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  1. BMW US and BMW AG will need only go ask current owners of the the GT550i to better understand why the sells for this unit is not doing well in past years and current.

    As a current owner of the 2010 GT550i, I can attest that everyone in my Tri-State area really loves the car. It unique for sure and if BMW is really interested in increasing sales, especially in this segment; they’d do themselves a big favor to talk with well informed owners like me. (Smiling)

  2. I bought a 2011 535i as soon as it came out and replaced a 2006 530i wagon! The GT is big, ugly, and bulky looking! It reminds one of a Detroit dinosaur! I have no idea what buying sector they were addressing! I certainly would not consider it a replacement for the wagon!

  3. I am a 535xi gt user, and love the car, i don’t think bmw is advertising it enough. They should use testimonials from happy users.

  4. The awd car was not available for the longest time.

  5. The 5 GT is such a fab car. Stop knocking it

  6. This is an ugly car for confused people with ego problems. Real men buy the wagon and drive it like a BMW, and their peers know it, and all else is left unsaid. On the other hand, the GT is a joke. I live in a very wealthy area and have seen the car on the road five times, total, in two years. Each time I shuddered. Good work, BMWNA.

  7. GT = Ugliest BMW ever created. I am happy owner of 08 535xi wagon and the only think that I will change it for would be another wagon. My dream car would be wagon shaped turbo diesel like they sell in Europe. How long will it take for the company to realize that it is a good think to drive 600 miles on a tank of gas?

  8. Dam thats one ugly looking car.

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