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BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series is a grand tourer produced by German automaker BMW. It is based on the BMW 5 Series and as this is a luxury car large, available in coupe and convertible body styles. There are now two generations of the 6 Series, which were put on sale in 1976 and 2003, but in November 2010, BMW officially released the third generation, presenting a 650i convertible.

BMW 6 Series

The term “6” came from the E24 series, set in 1989. All models of the E63 were from 2004 under the internal designation E64 also available as a convertible.

BMW 6 Series

The first BMW 6 Series was the successor of the models 2800CS, 3.0CSi 3.0CS and in August 1976, this new body was much safer than its predecessor, E9, the initial order was 3210 cc in 1980 brought renewal 635CSi with the 3453cc and a top speed of 222 km / h, reaching 100 km / h in 7.4 s.

The BMW E63 was one of the BMW 6 series coupe by BMW. It is based on the platform of the E60 5-Series and was introduced in August 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a successor to the 1999 set 8-E31 coupes.

BMW 6 Series

The second-generation 6 Series (E64 chassis code) was officially launched in 2003 to fill the space left by the Dash 8.

In July 2010, the production of BMW 6-series has ended. F12 is the successor of a convertible in the spring of 2011 came on the market. The coupe will follow in autumn 2011.

BMW Motor Show in China, exhibits a concept called “Grand Coupe”, a 4-door coupe concept, later in the same 2010, and now in the Hall of Paris, introduces the next generation of the BMW 6 series version coupe, in November of that year and made an official presentation of the BMW 650i convertible, detailing more of the features of the new generation, which may come with the successful 6-cylinder engine that produces 320hp (640i) equiped with a 4.4 V8 L engine and 407hp for the BMW 650i.

BMW 6 Series


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