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Still part of the BMW GS Family but on a totally different plain to the F600 and F850, the BMW R1200 GS is a totally different animal since it has a much better appeal in terms of cruising capabilities.

The fact that it has a quieter shaft drive to send its 109 horsepower from the 1.170 cc, two cylinder boxer engine to the rear wheel certainly helps but what really matters is the rest of the setup the Bavarians applied to the BMW R1200GS.


Both the regular and the Adventure version of the BMW R1200GS come with a large fuel tank capacity of 5.3 and, respectively, 8.7 US gallons and a more than reasonable amount of suspension travel.

Further going down the comfort line, the BMW R1200GS comes with a very advanced ABS system and with options such as electronic suspension adjustments and even Traction Control System.


Stuff like this is what made the BMW R1200GS the company’s most successful model in regards of sales with over 100.000 units being sold just under a period of three years from its launch in 2004.

A rather unusual and not necessarily sought after marketing method that helped the sales of the BMW R1200GS was its usage by famous actor Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they took the Adventure model on their adventure most of us know as “The Long Way Down”.



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