Classic BMW owners get their own online shop

The latest model, the quickest, the finest, whatever else you may want from the newest BMW you can have that in just about any town during regular business hours.

However, if you’ve been bit by the nostalgia bug, you’ll find that getting spare parts for older models is a little bit tricky. We’re not talking one or two generations behind but the origins of BMW.

BMW Classic shop

BMW Classic shop

The Bavarians have thought of this and decided to set up an online store where you can get original parts for whatever classic BMW you have. You can even get spares for a classic motorcycle.

This new shop is available only in Germany right now and can be accessed through two portals, be it the or the for their homeland.

Expansion of part availability throughout Europe will happen sometime in April of this year. It seems that this spring is something to look forward to if you have a classic BMW in your garage.

BMW Classic

BMW Classic

BMW didn’t say anything about North American availability any time soon but we’re guessing it’s not going to be too much trouble to make it happen.

Before anything, you’ll need to register at these shops so you can view the full classic part catalog and that sounds like a pain.

It is worthwhile though, BMW will not only make the parts needed, but also inspect every one of them before delivery.

BMW Classic

BMW Classic

At this time, the BMW Classic part catalog includes 35.000 items and can help owners of any vintage bimmer built between 1960 and 1990.


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