The BMW Track Training

Whenever you buy a car, especially if it is a powerful one, you want to test it to the limit. That’s if you have the guts and are willing to take the risk of crashing.

And BMW knows that some of their vehicles are bred for the race track, and would be squandered if you never take them there. Even so, risking your “baby” in a race might still be too much.

BMW M3 Nurburgring

BMW M3 Nurburgring

And that’s where the BMW Race Track Training program comes in. For any customers interested in that, they will be taken out to a race track in Germany, and after a few laps on the right side, learning from BMW’s best, you will take the wheel and do your best.

This program currently makes available to you a fleet of E92 M3, but before you set step into one, you must have already graduated from BMW’s Perfection course. After that, you trainer will be glad to instruct you in the ins and outs of track racing.

Right now the selected track is the infamous Nurburgring, and for 2 days and 2 nights it will cost you 2.500 euro (insurance included).


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