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New photos of the BMW X4 released

Before the official unveiling at the Shanghai Auto Show, BMW slowly leaks information on the X4 concept. Based on the BMW X3 platform, this new model in the range is closer to the styling of an X6.

While no numbers were released so far, BMW did graciously provide more pictures for those of us in need of more information.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

As with many other concepts, BMW won’t change the X4 too much once it enters production, leaving the styling pretty much the same as what we see in these pictures.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

This is a good thing, because I, personally, like what I see. With an aggressive front end with LED headlights, big air intakes and menacing kidney grills, the BMW X4 is truly an evolution for the X range of vehicles. On the rear end, we can observe a dual exhaust system and an unique bumper.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

Performance on the BMW X4 concept is still unreleased, and with just a few days until the Shanghai Auto Show, chances are we won’t find out anything until the unveiling. At least not through the official channels.


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  1. Can’t wait 2 own one. Please the pricing must be reasonable

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