Competition Package for the 2014 F10 BMW M5

With just a few more months until the facelifted version for the F10 BMW M5 hits the market, the M division of the German car maker stepped up its game.

They came through with the announcement of a new optional Competition Package to spice things up.

2014 F10 BMW M5

2014 F10 BMW M5

The main improvement this package brings to the F10 BMW M5 is an increase in power by 15 Hp. This means that the power house under the hood, a 4.4 liter turbocharged engine equiped with a BMW M TwinPower Turbo, is on the 580 Hp mark, while torque was raised to 680 Nm. These numbers are accessible as low as 1500 rpm.

The power improvement will allow the F10 BMW M5 to accelerate to 100 km/h in under 4.4 seconds, and reach top speeds of over 305 km/h.

Of course, the M division delivers not only this increase in power with its Competition package. The F10 BMW M5 will also have fitted to it a reworked suspension, a sport exhaust system with black chrome tailpipes, a specific MDM application, 20 inch wheels and an M steering wheel.


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