BMW sets new world record for longest drift

A couple months ago, BMW promised to take on the challenge of setting a new world record for the longest continuous drift. It seems the German car maker delivered, and then some.

After their attempt, the bar was raised so high, that the former record is put to shame.

F10 BMW M5 Drifting

F10 BMW M5 Drifting

The distance they managed to cover was a staggering 82.04 km, 76 km more than the previous record. Talk about destroying the competition. This amazing feat was done in an F10 BMW M5 fitted with a DTC gear box. Behind the wheel of the car was a BMW Performance driving instructor named Johan Schwartz.

In order for their target to be reached, not only did Johan train, but also all optimal conditions were met. The event took place at BMW’s Performance Center in South Carolina, and initially the track was soaking wet to help with drifting. But by the end of the incredible run, smoke and rubber bits were flying out of the tires, which performed admirably.

This event was also a charitable one, with funds being raised for the BMW Pro-Am Organization. Leave it to BMW to deliver a great experience no matter the event.


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