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BMW shakes hands with ADAIA for a new phone

Most huge car makers don’t just limit themselves to building and selling cars. After making an image for themselves over long years, it would be shame not to take advantage of it.

This is how a wide range of products bearing the emblem of the company is born, from coffee mugs to children’s toys. And big brands fetch big prices.

BMW and ADAIA Phone

BMW and ADAIA Phone

BMW is no exception to this rule, and recently they announced another product that will bare its brand. In collaboration with ADAIA, they plan to make a phone that will bring its users the same kind of premium quality as their cars do. That means a mobile device with a signal reception as close to perfection as possible.

And while ADAIA will tackle the technical part of this project, the appearance and styling will be handled by BMW Group Designworks. BMW promises a quality product that will revolutionize the market, with a design that will “perfectly reflect the multidimensional lifestyle of its users as they move between waves, whitewater and workplace.”


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