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BMW starts a Genius program

Do you like your BMWs? Well, of course you do, most people like them. But do you like them to be just a bit more (or a lot more) personalized?

Again, most people would like that. The problem is that BMW offers so many features on their vehicles, that is almost impossible to actually know what each one does.

BMW Genius

BMW Genius

And that’s exactly where the German car maker’s new program steps in. It’s called Genius, and in essence is a support center for potential customers. A group of specialists under BMW employment will be made available to you if you want something explained.

And the Geniuses will not only know what ever single nut and bolt on a bimmer is for, they will also help anyone buying a BMW understand all the process involving the ordering, test driving or hand-over. In other words, BMW’s Genius project is named quite suggestively, as these capable folk know every aspect of a BMW.

So, any questions from the order form to the EfficientDynamics have an answer just a phone call away.


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  1. Leopold Maitland says:

    It is good to get such a useful BMW to make the most of the vehicle!

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