Canada misses out on awesome BMWs

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  1. Lord Vader
    July 18, 2013

    Heres the funny thing about that Alpina. Those pictures were taken of the car IN CANADA. That Alpina is sporting a British Columbia (CANADA) license plate. It was for sale in Vancouver a few years back.


  2. Lord Vader
    July 18, 2013

    I guess who ever wrote this article isnt very familair with Canada…

    First, the Alpina B10 in that picture is in Canada. Those pictures you used were taken IN CANADA. The car is sporting a British Columbia License plate and was for sale a few years ago in Vancouver.

    Second, Canada got several models that the US was never privy to. The first was the 1994 EuroSpec M3. BMW offered 45 Euro Spec M3’s to Canadians exactly as they could be ordered in Europe at the time. Only 44 made it to Canada as one was damaged during shipping and sent back. We also got the 1995 M540i. Manufactured by BMW M Gmbh, only 32 examples were produced. Unique to the Canadian market, it suceeded the 94 M5.


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