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China says no to BMW’s development plans

BMW sales numbers have been more than promising for the first half of this year and the German carmaker was looking to expand its businesses on some of the most important markets in the world.

The Chinese market was definitely one of those points where BMW could have used an increase of production, hence the intention of expanding a local factory in there, a project that would have doubled the carmaker’s production.

BMW China

BMW China

Nevertheless, the request of BMW Brilliance Automotive, a joint venture of the brand in Shenyang, was firmly rejected by the local Ministry of Environmental Protection.

BMW China Plant

BMW China Plant

The official information came directly from Zhou Shengxian, the Minister who said no to BMW’s plans of producing up to 400.000 Sedan units annually, on the grounds that “Drinking polluted water while driving BMW sedans is certainly not the type of industrialization we are looking forward to”.

Looking at this failure of BMW from a distance, we cannot help but wonder what kind of industrialization is actually China looking for? Could this be a telltale that foreign multinational companies are no longer welcomed in there?


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