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BMW’s net profit goes up with 9% thanks to USA and China sales of Q2

It was only yesterday when we were talking about the rejection that BMW experienced from the Chinese government, in its attempt of extending production to one of the local factories.

Apparently, good news and bad news go hand in hand for Bavarian Motors, given the fact that today we get to hear how the net profit of BMW for the second quarter grew with 9%, particularly because of the sales on the American and Chinese markets.

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BMW Logo

The bad news is that the European market still does not provide gratifying results, yet all the others made it possible for BMW to get 1.39 billion Euros profit. Last year, for the same time frame, we were talking about 1.28 billion Euros.

Those who were thinking little about BMW predicted a 1.29 billion euro net profit, despite the fact that the German car maker set its objective to a 8 – 10% growth, which actually happened.

Even so, Norbert Reithofer, BMW’s boss, remains critical when anticipating a decrease in terms of sale numbers on the Western European market of about 5%.


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