Over 25.000 BMW units have brake issues

It seems that not every bit of news that comes from BMW’s endeavor in China is good news, as the new issues would suggest.

Set to affect 25.254 Bimmers in China, this is quite a widespread problem, but one that BMW will undoubtedly get done fast.



The issue seems to be concentrated on the brakes of several models, with a faulty camshaft being installed. That would cause a drop in in power for the braking assist, a severe affliction for any car, especially for a powerful one. The affected models are mostly 3 Series and 5 Series, but some other units were also affected, like the 125i, X1, X3 and Z4.

Each of the 25.254 units that have been plagued sport the N20 engine, with 4.083 vehicles being produced locally, by the BMW Brilliance partnership. Starting this month, BMW and the Chinese manufacturer updated the warranty to include a replacement vehicle or even a refund should any customer purchase a defective vehicle.


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