BMW 4-Series

BMW launches the F33 BMW 4 Series configurator

There is no news that BMW likes to offer their clients the possibility to configure a new purchase on the website, prior to visiting any shop.

This allows for them to make up their minds and then just place an order, and the system is so good that most manufacturers have employed it in one form or another.

F33 BMW 4 Series

F33 BMW 4 Series

Wile the 4 Series coupe has received its configurator a while ago, the F33 Convertible version was delayed a bit. And for good reason too. It is true that we have had a few photos and other tidbits informing us about the model, but until the recent LA Motor Show, no official unveiling was organized.

But with the F33 BMW 4 Series Convertible being present on the LA stage, the German car maker also decided it was time for the microsite to go online, and not a moment too soon. While first deliveries are still a ways out, with the first unit expected in spring, 2014, it is still good that any takers have time to make up their minds and place an order for their own F33 BMW 4 Series.


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