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BMW to Exceed Sales in November for a Full-Year

The BMW car manufacturer has managed the record of selling more car units in November than ever sold before in any other month, with low orders in Europe, but high ones in the US and China.

The BMW`s sales for November rose by 2.7 percent compared to the last year`s November, heading towards an impressive 174,996 cars to be sold in the entire world, as the car manufacturer announced on Tuesday.

BMW Welt Munchen

BMW Welt Munchen

Combining the whole sales from January to November 2013, the BMW car manufacturer managed to sell 1.77 million units, with 6.8 percent more than the last`s years sales during the same period.

Since the car manufacturer was due to rich record sales in 2013, director Ian Robertson from the BMW market department speaks about that: “We expect continuing positive sales in the month’s ahead, despite challenging conditions especially in European markets.”

To go back, in 2012 BMW set up a delivery plan that reached 1.85 million units. This year, the high demands which included BMW, Rolls Royce and the new Rover Mini, were significantly important in China with 19.7 percent from January to November and in the United States, with 9.2 percent for the same period.

With these record sales, the BMW still remains the world`s leading car seller for the year 2013 as well.


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