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Lucas Luhr and Alexander to Back-Up the BMW Motorsport Team

BMW has managed to pull together a series of professional drivers that will represent the Motorsport team for the Nurburgring 24 Hours. We are talking about specialists like Jorg and Dirk Muller, Uwe Alzen and Jens Klingmann.

It is also the case of Lucas Luhr and Alexander Sims who will get behind the wheel of a BMW Z4 this summer, to win the trophy for the BMW Motorsport again.



Both drivers had some discussions with the BMW team about the present reunited family that will be representing the BMW team in the period to come.

“In the past, whenever I was asked who would be my strongest rivals on the Nordschleife, I always put BMW as the clear number one in my list of favourites,” said Luca.

Alexander added that he had been racing on the GT circuit for the past two years and with BMW, he would be able “to show the GT scene” his own capabilities.

The Nurburgring 24 Hours race will be held on 21st/22nd June, and the BMW team is looking forward to claim the number 1 place once again.


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