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BMW’s Geniuses a great success, more to be employed

Last year, once the German car maker started preparing to release the BMW i3, which was soon followed by the i8, they also thought best to implement the BMW Geniuses program.

Basically, this means that they would hire said Geniuses to take care of any question a possible client might have about the new products.

BMW Geniuses program

BMW Geniuses program

This was considered necessary, as the BMW i3 and i8 were the manufacturer’s first attempt at building a car outside of their comfort zone. They were not only electric, respectively hybrid vehicles, but there were also sporting a lot of brand new tech BMW was working on.

It seems that they made the right choice with this move, as the dealers employing said Geniuses saw a 10 to 15 percent increase in sale compared to the rest of the dealerships. The next step is now to expand the program to accommodate some 2000 extra geniuses, which will be present in pretty much every BMW dealerships.


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