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Control Your BMW i3 Via the BMW i Connected Mobility at 2015 CES

The 2015 CES, which is perhaps the most important technology event worldwide, is the perfect opportunity for carmakers such as BMW, to display their gadgets which may help the drive become more pleasant. It is not the first time for BMW to present a miracle smartwatch that would connect to your car and perform several interesting tasks.

BMW has presented the availability of the BMW i Connected Mobility, which allows you use your smartwatch or your smartphone to carry out different tasks at the same time.

BMW i Connected Mobility

BMW i Connected Mobility

The BMW i Remote app lets you check your personal agenda, check out different information over the internet, using the car`s BMW ConnectedDrive Server, which is part of the BMW i Connected Mobility system. This means that your smartphone does not necessary have to be connected, as the car`s server will automatically access the internet.

More than that, using the same i Remote app, the car will be able to instantly recognize the one behind the steering wheel with the help of a smartwatch, which also performs other important tasks, like automatically unlocking the doors and locking them as soon as the driver gets inside.

This is just a small step up ahead, as the German based carmaker is also planning to introduce smartcards that would offer you a lot of benefits, such as the DriveNow service.


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