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BMW 3-Series 340i Caught on Shots

BMW is already working on the replacement of the 335i model, which is the 3-Series 340i test mule seen here in the shots provided by Auto Gespot. The BMW 3-Series 340i is wearing some light camouflage at the front and rear, meaning that it will receive some slight body style changes.

First off, the BMW 3-Series 340i will come with three different body paintjobs, like the Mediterranean Blue seen in the two shots, the Platinum Silver as well as te Jatoba Metallic.

BMW 3-Series 340i Spy Shot

BMW 3-Series 340i Spy Shot

Next, the new BMW 3-Series 340i will also come with some body style changes, given the camouflage, meaning that the sports car will receive a fresh front and rear bumper, full LED headlights, fog lights, revised L-shaped taillights, wider tailppipes and a few more body tweaks.

BMW 3-Series 340i Spy Shot

BMW 3-Series 340i Spy Shot

Inside, little it is known about the features it will come with, but reports state that the cabin will be tweaked with high-end materials, chrome elements and new trims.

Moving to my favorite part, which is the engine under the hood, the upcoming BMW 3-Series 340i will be powered by the fresh B58 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit, developing 320 horsepower. This is just enough to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds, with the manual transmission, while the automatic will take only 5.0 seconds.


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