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F10 BMW 5-Series – Upgrades Carried Out by EAS

European Auto Source is the real professional in providing one-off tuning programs for a lot of BMW models. And the F10 BMW 5-Series fitted with the M-Sport package is the perfect example of beauty meeting power. Even if there were not upgrades carried out under the hood, this model has received the best aftermarket parts in terms of body language.

The F10 BMW 5-Series has received a carbon fiber aero kit, the structure being reinforced with the Autoclaved Pre-Preg carbon fiber. Other elements include the fitting of the lip spoiler, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, all of them from carbon fiber materials, providing this one off 5-Series with a body stiffness and perfect stance on the road.

F10 BMW 5-Series by EAS

F10 BMW 5-Series by EAS

But the work is still not complete. The aftermarket specialists from the European Auto Source tuning company have also installed what they like to do best: a customized set of V-FF 102 wheels, from the one and only Vorsteiner tuning division. Sized 20×9.5 and 20×10.5 front and rear, the V-FF wheels provide the model with a unique look.

F10 BMW 5-Series by EAS

F10 BMW 5-Series by EAS

Apart from that, the Vorsteiner V-FF 102 wheels, also increase the performance of the sports car, assuring more grip on the track, along with the newly fitted twin-double pipe exhaust system for a more impressive engine sound. As stated earlier, no power upgrade have been performed under the hood. After all, why spoiling something already good?


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