BMW M3 Pick-Up Truck by Mad Dog Racing Is No April Fool`s Day Joke

Back in 2011, BMW released an M3 pickup truck for April Fool`s Day, the controversial model making everybody wonder if such a model would ever be released.

Following last week`s rumors according to which the Bavarian carmaker would consider such a model in the near future, the guys from Mad Dog Racing from South Africa have taken the lead ahead and have already envisioned their own version of an M3 pickup, and beware that the images below are not fake.

We are dealing here with a fully-operational M3 pickup truck, the model standing out from the crowd with chopped-off trunk lid and roof, the tuner also adding a B-pillar to sustain the pickup design.

However, this won`t be the perfect M3 for any loading or unloading, as the trunk doesn’t come with a tailgate, making it quite difficult to handle with the trunk up. Even so, the model is quite appealing and perhaps BMW might get their inspiration from this project if they decide to build such a vehicle.

Back in 2011, a BMW M3 pickup model was built and tried out at the Nurburgring. We are dealing here with a real M3 pickup with worthy performance: it used a 4.0-liter V8 enigne, developing the same 420 horsepower.


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