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M PowerSource

BMW M PowerSource online

There are plenty car drivers out there that think you just can’t do better than a BMW. Except maybe one prepped by the M Division. And while it’s quite a lot of fun to drive an M Bimmer, there are those that are avidly seeking knowledge about the vehicles. To […]

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6 years ago
M8 gaming PC

BMW and ASRock build a PC

In a joint endeavor with ASRock, BMW set out to build a worthy piece of gaming technology to display at the Taipei COMPUTEX fair. BMW DesignWorks USA answered a challenge thrown by ASRock and from that the M8 gaming PC took shape. The M8 PC is quite easy on the […]

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6 years ago
Car CO2 Emissions

BMW lies about the real CO2 emissions

As you might know, come 2020, the European emission standards are going to be stricter. And while the car makers all struggle to get greener cars on the road, some find it harder than others. BMW is a prime example for not going down without a fight in the CO2 […]

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6 years ago
Brilliance Auto

China will see 100 million EUR investment from BMW

China is rapidly growing from an economic point of view, and that includes the car making industry. Aware of this fact, the big car companies try to get a piece of the cake. But in order to make money, you have to spend some, and BMW sure is spending. Chinese […]

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6 years ago
F13 BMW M6 Dubai Police

Dubai Police recruits an F13 BMW M6

The police in Dubai has some of the most expensive and powerful cars to both impress visitors and intimidate felons. And they keep adding to the already impressive line-up. The latest to join the ranks is an F13 BMW M6. So far, we can count a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari […]

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6 years ago

2013 Bimmerfest caught on film by EAS

One of the biggest gatherings of BMW enthusiasts takes place in the United States, proving they have a closely knit and very devoted fan base for the German car maker. Pasadena was assaulted by BMW owners and not only coming from all over the nation, driving even thousands of miles […]

6 years ago
F22 BMW M235i

BMW M2 project still going

BMW’s M Division is always bringing performance upgrades to the German car maker’s already powerful vehicles. One highly anticipated bimmers is the M2, which will be placed just above the M235i, and many people can hardly wait for it. Rumors place a upgraded version of the M235i’s engine underneath of […]

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6 years ago
The 2014 BMW M3 will be lighter and more powerful

The 2014 BMW M3 will be lighter and more powerful

Some more details have been shed on the 2014 BMW M3 thanks to leaked information. As always, the M3 will be powerful and fast around the corners, while also preserving the cool look we have grown accustomed to. According to the source, the 2014 BMW M3 will sport under the […]

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6 years ago
BMW i3

BMW loses world’s most valuable auto brand title

After Forbes magazine proclaimed BMW the most powerful car maker, BrandZ top 100 comes and says that this year BMW lost the title to the Japanese manufacturer, Toyota. The market research that yielded these results was conducted by Millward Brown, and the difference between the two brand is not that […]

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