BMW 8-Series

E31 BMW 850i

Another classic BMW up for sale – E31 850i

Shortly after the 1988 BMW M1 supercar was put up for sale in mint condition, another classic bimmer turned up online ready to find a new home. The car in question this time is somewhat less dramatic, less exclusive and yet still loaded with style, presence and driving performance. We’re […]

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6 years ago
BMW 8 Series Coupe Concept

Ismet Cevik imagines BMW 8 Series Concept

There’s plenty of things we want from BMW, most of which are toys and accessories but there’s plenty of cars added to the mix as well. Of the latter category, the BMW 8 Series is most likely the most desirable option around. Sadly, the Bavarians aren’t very keen on giving […]

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7 years ago
BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series is a luxury 2 door coupe produced since 1989 and is the successor of the BMW 6 Series E24. It was one of the most memorable and unique BMW and was manufactured in 30,621 units until 1999 when the production was finished. The BMW 8 series […]

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