2014 E89 BMW Z4

2014 E89 BMW Z4 facelift shown off in Detroit

I hate going along the same route but I would have really loved to see a manufacturer mess up and mess up big at an official event. Unfortunately, the Bavarians are not the ones to provide such an unusual satisfaction. They’ve kept their promise regarding the E89 BMW Z4 facelift […]

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F32 BMW 4 Series Concept

Summary: BMW’s presence at NAIAS 2013

Early January is a time to look back, analyze, drop some resolutions and maybe even think of what’s to happen in the future. Sounds like a general situation, doesn’t it? We could say it is, but it’s apparently happening at BMW too. The Bavarian brand looked back and it’s now […]

5 years ago
E89 BMW Z4 facelift

E89 BMW Z4 receives small facelift

We’re all fascinated with new products from BMW these days. Unfortunately, most of them, as sporty and great as they are, tend to be big sedans or crossovers. Those who still love the purist side of the car rejoice at the thought that BMW is still making the Z4 roadster. […]

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E89 BMW Z4

E89 BMW Z4 M Performance version – coming to Detroit

BMW have promised that the next generation of the BMW Z4 will shake some of its grown up, GT feel and get back to the youthful sporty roadster experience with the next generation. Until that happens, we’re to get an interesting surprise from the current E89 Z4 as it is […]

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BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

BMW readies a facelift for Z4 roadster

We we’re recently promised a considerably sportier generation of the BMW Z4 and the Bavarians will keep that promise. In the meantime, if you don’t mind, I’d stick with the current generation at any time. I may be getting old and a fan of the slightly grown up GT idea […]

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BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE and Z4 recalled

Here’s a fresh one, BMW is recalling one of their most exclusive cars due to some issues with its steering. The same thing applies to the Z4 sports car. The first of the cars is the electric version of the BMW 1 Series, a little city runabout known as the […]

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E89 BMW Z4

BMW Z4’s next generation to be sportier?

It seems BMW wants to once again mess around with the Z roadster and make a few significant changes to it before the next generation comes out. The followup version of the BMW Z4 is expected to come in sometime in 2015. That means its already in development. That in […]

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BMW Z4 Flame Edition

BMW Z4 sDrive23i Flame Edition for China

BMW prepared yet another special edition for the growing and high demanding Chinese market, the special model being based now on the current Z4 generation. We don’t know if the Chinese customers are exactly the drivers who would prefer a convertible model but they still have the possibility to choose […]

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The BMW Z4 is one of the most successful cars from BMW and it is the successor to the BMW Z3. The production of the BMW Z4 was started in 2003 and the first generation of BMW Z4 was codenamed E85. There are only two variants coupe and roadster. The […]

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BMW Z4 sDrive28i

VIDEO: The new BMW Z4 sDrive28i in action

As you probably know, the current generation Z4 will drop the 3.0-liter straight-six unit found under the bonnet of the sDrive30i in favor of a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The new BMW Z4 sDrive28i will debut this fall and as mentioned above, it will feature a new twin-scroll 2.0-liter engine […]

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