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The boundaries between the continents of Earth are generally a matter of geographical convention. Several slightly different conventions are in use. The number of continents is most commonly considered seven but may range as low as four when the Americas and Afro-Eurasia are each considered a single continent.

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Inthe overall unemployment rate for the United States was 4. Among the race groups, the unemployment rates were higher than the national rate for American Indians and Alaska Natives 7. Jobless rates were lower than the national rate for Asians 3.

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Large racial and gender wage gaps in the U. Among full- and part-time workers in the U. Looking at gender, race and ethnicity combined, all groups, with the exception of Asian men, lag behind white men in terms of median hourly earningsaccording to a new Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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Individuals within these populations often share certain associated phenotypic traits, such as epicanthic foldssino- or sundadontyshovel-shaped incisors and neoteny. The concept of Mongoloid races is historical referring to a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon. Epicanthic folds and oblique palpebral fissures are common among Mongoloid individuals. Most exhibit the Mongolian spot from birth to about age four years.

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Since the beginning ofover bomb threats have been made against Jewish community centers and schools. Undeniably, the topic of race—and racism—has gripped America and the world throughout. Over the last decade, there have been hopes that the US has become a post-racial society, free of racial prejudice and discrimination.

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The 20th century has witnessed the transformation of the United States from a predominately white population rooted in Western culture to a society with a rich array of racial and ethnic minorities. As the century began, the U. The nonwhite minority was composed primarily of black Americans living in the rural South.

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The history of African-Americans has been shaped in part by two great journeys. The first brought hundreds of thousands of Africans to the southern United States as slaves. The second, the Great Migration, began around and sent six million African-Americans from the South to New York, Chicago and other cities across the country.

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All rights reserved. When modern humans migrated out of Africa some 60, years ago, they found the Eurasian continent already inhabited by brawny, big-browed Neanderthals. We know that at least some encounters between the two kinds of human produced offspring, because the genomes of people living outside Africa today are composed of some 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA.

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Identifying human races in terms of skin colorat least as one among several physiological characteristics, has been common since antiquity. Via rabbinical literaturethe division is received in early modern scholarship, mostly in four to five categories. It was long recognized that the number of categories is arbitrary and subjective.

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A new study shows that Latinos in the Southwest have more Native American ancestry than Latinos in the South and Northeast, where proportions of European and African ancestry are higher. In the United States, almost no one can trace their ancestry back to just one place. And for many, the past may hold some surprises, according to a new study.


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