Asian drumming history

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Percussion is the oldest form of non-vocal music, and as a result, reflects many of the social and historical peculiarities that evolve throughout a culture. In China, traditional drumming is associated with pomp, circumstance and jubilation. It is a hallmark of prosperity and celebration, uniting people through collective rhythm and tempo.

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The process of constructing taiko varies between manufacturers, and preparation of both the drum body and skin can take several years depending on method. Taiko have a mythological origin in Japanese folklorebut historical records suggest that taiko were introduced to Japan through Korean and Chinese cultural influence as early as the 6th century CE. Some taiko are similar to instruments originating from India.

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Archeologists and historians claim they have managed to prove that the origin of Chinese drums dates back at least 3, years to a time when the country was ruled by the Shang Dynasty. God only knows when exactly the ancestors of the Chinese first started banging their drums. Back then, percussion instruments were made of clay and alligator skin.

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Drummusical instrumentthe sound of which is produced by the vibration of a stretched membrane it is thus classified as a membranophone within the larger category of percussion instruments. Friction drumsa class apart, are sounded by rubbing. To hear audio clips of a variety of drums, see bass drumchanggosnare drumtambourinetenor drumand timpani. Tubular drums assume many shapes goblet, hourglass, barrel, etc.

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Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums. The drums range in size from roughly a snare drum "shime"to drums as large as a car the "o-daiko". The most common drum size in taiko is the "chu-daiko" which is the size of a wine barrel.

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The luogu accompanies parades, folk dances, and theatre. Luogu also are present to accompany the popular lion dance held during the Chinese New Year in the ethnic Chinese neighbourhoods of several Western cities. These ensembles can be composed entirely of percussion instruments or of some combination of percussion with winds or strings or both.

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In China, red drums have always been a symbol of the power of the ruler and the destiny of the army. Drums are brought out whenever there were ceremonies or festiviites. Weddings and funerals and all ceremonial occasions demand the insistent beat of drums.

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With its dynamic choreographies and booming drumbeats, taiko has gained worldwide popularity since its emergence in s Japan. While the majority of North American taiko players are Asian American, more than four hundred groups now exist across the United States and Canada, and these groups are comprised of people from a variety of racial and ethnic identities. Using ethnographic and historical app Using ethnographic and historical approaches combined with performance description and analysis, this book explores the connections between taiko and Asian American cultural politics at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

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It is medium in size and barrel-shaped, with two heads made of animal skin, and is played with two sticks. The tanggu is usually suspended by four rings in a wooden stand. The Tanggu Drum is known as "Tonggu".

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Percussion instruments have developed into various forms, each of which serves different purposes. Here is the brief history of three major types: bells, gongs, and drums. The first version appeared during the Shang dynasty and commonly consisted of only three bells, and was enjoyed only by high-ranking authorities.


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