Skin flappy thing around my anus

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I have a small tag of skin at the back of my anus, on the edge of the sphincter. I have had it as long as I can remember. It has no feeling in it and it is about half a centimetre long.

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If you or your child has a rectal prolapseyou may be able to push the prolapse back into place as soon as it occurs. Your doctor will let you know if this is okay to do. If the rectal tissue cannot be inserted easily into the anus, see your doctor.

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Anal skin tags are typically small, measuring a few millimeters or less. They may be the same color as the skin or slightly darker. They often go unnoticed or cause no problems and can be left alone.

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Gastrointestinal Health Haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are enlarged, congested veins just under the surface tissue of your rectum the last part of your bowel or your anus the opening of your bowel. Haemorrhoids that occur in your rectum are called internal haemorrhoids, and those that occur around your anus are called external haemorrhoids.

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Anal skin tags are a common and benign skin issue. They may feel like small bumps or raised areas on the anus. Although skin tags may be sensitive, they rarely cause pain.

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Skin tags are raised areas or bumps on the outer surface of the skin. Anal skin tags are common and while they might be sensitive, itchy, cause some discomfort, and make keeping clean more challenging, they are not usually painful. It can be distressing to find a lump or a bump in the perianal area or to have symptoms such as itching, but skin tags are benign not cancerous and typically small sometimes only a few millimeters.

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