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Future BMW M6

BMW Boss Friedrich Nitschke Talks about Future BMW M Products and Models

Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the future BMW M boss, has big plans with the M division, announcing a lot of new M components, naturally aspirated engines or the upcoming of BMW i8 M. First off, the former Audi-quattro boss, Friedrich Nitschke intends to reinvent the BMW M models, by launching all-wheel […]

by October 27, 2014 0 comments Engines, Manufacturing, Useful News
4 years ago
BMW M Division

Future BMW M5 and M6 will sport AWD

Great news comes from BMW’s M Division, as Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the department’s head announced some changes for the next generation BMW M5 and M6. It seems that we should expect them to be sporting all wheel drive systems, although they are still a ways out. The next generation of […]

by October 6, 2013 0 comments BMW M5, BMW M6
5 years ago