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Klaus Draeger (right)

2011 BMW 6 Series Rumored to Show Up at the Paris Motor Show

Some interesting rumors have appeared, presumably from the mouth of Dr Klaus Draeger himself, the BMW chief of product development. You see, rumor has it that the Paris Motor Show will be hosting the new generation of the BMW 6 Series. And the icing on the cake is that the […]

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9 years ago
Good news regarding the BMW’s Gran Coupe concept

Good news regarding the BMW’s Gran Coupe concept

BMW Gran Coupe concept goes intro production. And yes, it is official! More exactly, the BMW’s design head, Klaus Draeger, made a statement, and according to it, the 2012 will be the year where the BMW’s Gran Coupe concept will take shape and the model’s production name will be 2012 […]

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9 years ago
BMW Gran Coupe

News on the fate of the BMW Gran Coupe

As you may remember the stunning BMW Gran Coupe concept that was unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show this year has been announced by various sources that it will be making into production. That’s not the full story however, as since 2012 isn’t that far away, the Bavarians are treating […]

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BMW Sketches

BMW design:what direction?

We’ve all been there, we all know the massive controversy that came along with Chris Bangle’s work at BMW and some still rejoice in knowing that something like the E60 5 Series will never happen again. In all the Bavarians have announced that they will produce cars that from now […]

9 years ago

BMW considering a new model: The X4

Seeing how the BMW X6 has had a tremendous success, the Bavarians are seriously considering the creation of a smaller brother for it. Since it’s launch back in 2008 the BMW X6 has sold over 80.000 units so it would only make sense to make a smaller, more affordable version […]

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9 years ago

2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe Rendering

BMW’s most recent launch at Beijing, the Gran Coupe Concept is a great looking four door saloon, which may be going to jump at the Mercedes CLS market. While this car has seen a lot of enthusiasm there are quite a few people considering that this is happening a bit […]

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