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BMW Launches Online Ordering System for Its Models in the UK

BMW Launches Online Ordering System for Its Models in the UK

I have never ever thought that at a certain point in the near future I would buy my favorite BMW model online just with a few clicks. Well, with the fast-developing of the online technology everything is possible nowadays, and BMW has once more taken the first paces in launching […]

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3 years ago
BMW 1 Series GT Concept

BMW UKL platform to get very popular

So far, the direction BMW have been on in chase of the luxury market, has been doing pretty well in figuring out where the money is. Now though, the tides are changing and the Bavarians are looking to capture another market that’s so far been kept neatly away from them. […]

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6 years ago
BMW M Division anniversary

BMW M division turns 40

There’s not a lot of fanfare about it but the truth is that this is a big deal. BMW’s famed M division is turning 40 this month. Over 40 years of existence they’ve given us countless dream machines and some very successful racing cars in all sorts of competitions around […]

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7 years ago
Recalled BMW model

More than 30.000 BMW vehicles recalled

We love the Bavarian company, we know it is on top for a reason, but we can’t just ignore that sometimes they make mistakes as well. The chief authority on everything recall has brought forward an announcement according to which over 30.000 vehicles built by BMW and spread over a […]

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