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BMW Abu Dhabi showroom

BMW opens record breaking showroom in Abu Dhabi

The Bavarians have decided to show us just how happy they are about their sales by opening a brand new showroom. That’s not the full story, the new showroom is located in the Arab Emirate and, just like most other constructions there, it is a record breaking affair. Abu Dhabi […]

by February 20, 2012 2 comments BMW Articles
7 years ago
F30 BMW 3 Series

F30 BMW 3 Series LWB created for Chinese market

It’s no secret the sort of market China has grown to be or is expected to grow further in the nearby future so it’s no surprise to see manufacturers cater to the People’s Republic. The latest “tailored for this market” car in the lineup comes from our favorite car maker […]

by February 5, 2012 0 comments BMW 3-Series
7 years ago